Our Affiliations

The Office are affiliated to the working group established by International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) and the link is as follows:


The Office are affiliated to the following Working Group:

  • Working Group on Public Debt
  • Working Group on IT Audit
  • Working Group on the Fight against Corruption and Money Laundering
  • Working Group on Audit of Extractive Industries (WGEI)
  • Working Group on Big Data
  • Capacity Building Committee
  • Working Group on Environmental Auditing.

The task of these respective working groups are as follows:

Working Group on Public Debt

Tasks of the Working Group on Public Debt include the following:

  • Prepare and publish guidelines and other materials for use by SAIs to encourage the proper reporting and sound management of public debt;
  • Identify key issues for the development of responsibilities and procedures for auditing and evaluating public debt commitments;
  • Prepare papers examining matters of definitions, reporting, and evaluating public debt;
  • Exchange knowledge with other institutions dealing with public debt issues;
  • Promote specific studies relating to the mandate of the Working Group.

Working Group on IT Audit

The Working Group on IT Audit aims to support SAIs in developing their knowledge and skills in the use and audit of information technology by providing information and facilities for exchange of experiences, and encouraging bilateral and regional cooperation.

The Working Group’s aims include:

  • Supporting and promoting the development and transfer of knowledge;
  • Publishing an IT Audit Directory on the basis of members’ contributions;
  • Promoting discussion, development and dissemination of standards and guidelines among the members, and encouraging bilateral and regional cooperation and exchange of experiences;
  • Promoting local and regional training activities for auditors and audit directors;
  • Assisting individual SAIs to locate expertise within the member countries for bilateral exchange.

Working Group on the Fight against Corruption and Money Laundering

The Working Group is to promote a proactive role and international cooperation between INTOSAI & their members, in reference to fight against money laundering in a manner consistent with the competencies and authorities of SAIs and independence requirements of INTOSAI.

The Working Group’s aims include:

  • Promote international cooperation in the fight against money laundering, both among SAIs and with other international organizations.
  • Identify and share policies and strategies for combating money laundering within competencies and authorities of SAIs.
  • Design and promote policies, strategies and actions within the international anti-money laundering legal framework of each SAI.

Working Group on Audit of Extractive Industries (WGEI)

WGEI was formed in response to the need expressed by the INTOSAI-Donor Steering Committee based on survey results which indicated numerous challenges in auditing extractive industries including; technical complexity of the sector, capacity building needs, retention of specialized staff and limitations in SAIs mandate to audit extractive Industries.

The main objective of the Working group is to “promote audit of extractive industries within the INTOSAI community in order to support good governance and sustainable development for the UN post 2015 agenda”.

Working Group on Big Data (WGBD)

The WGBD is a specialized working group approved by INTOSAI under Strategic Goal Three: Knowledge Sharing and Services. Its objective is to identify the challenges and opportunities faced by SAIs in the era of big data; to summarize the knowledge and experience in the field of big data audit; and strengthen relevant bilateral and multilateral technical cooperation.

Capacity Building Committee

The main tasks of the Capacity Building Committee (CBC) are to build the capabilities and professional capacities of SAIs through training, technical assistance and other development activities.

At present time the CBC consists of the Steering Committee and two Sub-Committees.

The Sub-Committees are to carry out and implement the CBC work plan.

The CBC is based on open and voluntary membership and will constitute a pool of resources to carry out the different tasks undertaken by the subcommittees.

Working Group on Environmental Auditing

The Working Group on Environmental Auditing (WGEA), under the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI), aims to improve the use of audit mandate and audit instruments in the field of environmental protection policies, by both members of the Working Group and non-member Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs). Joint auditing by SAIs of cross border environmental issues and policies, and the audit of international environmental accords, has the Working Group’s special attention.


  • Assists supreme audit institutions (SAIs) in acquiring a better understanding of the specific issues involved in environmental auditing;
  • Facilitates exchange of information and experience among SAIs; and
  • Publishes guidelines and other informative material for their use.