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Vision & Mission

Vision: Promoting accountability, transparency, economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

Mission: Excellence inpublic sector auditing.

Our mission represents our strive for excellence in the provision of auditing services to our clients in comparison to our counterparts in the international arena as well as in the domestic front.

A paradigm shift from a more outward looking approach in previous years to a more thorough internal assessment nurtures a culture of excellence through innovative strategies and a desire to improve on service deliveries. It is envisaged that this would inadvertently manifest into best practices and promote good governance through sharing of resources with clients and the public.

The Roadmap for Democracy and Sustainable Socio-Economic Development (RDSSED) is linked to the Strategic Framework for Change through the 11 pillars identified in the RDSSED. The OAG with its vision and mission espouses to the abovementioned through the following pillars:

Pillar 1: Ensuring sustainable democracy and good and just governance by having a well-resourced Office of the Auditor General.Having an independent and a well-resourced Office of the Auditor General

Pillar 3: Ensuring an effective, enlightened and accountable leadership through emphasis on honesty, integrity, professional ethics and service to communities.

Pillar 4: Enhance Public Sector Efficiency, Performance Effectiveness and Service Delivery through compulsory training of civil servants at all levels

Pillar 5: Achieving higher economic growth while ensuring sustainability through strengthened institutional capacity for environmental management and priority given to the protection of environment, sustainable management and utilisation of natural resources.