Our Customers

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The strategies for achieving the outcome of the People's Charter for Change, Peace and Progress are contained in our outputs which are aligned to our vision and mission of achieving excellence in our services and creating a positive impact on our auditees and stakeholders in terms of adding value to their products and services.

To be able to achieve our vision of providing quality audit services and further impacting on auditees outputs, outlined below are core fundamentals which defines the OAG:

(i) Customers
First and foremost, our responsibility is to provide assurances to Cabinet, government entities and the public at large that government resources have been utilised for the purposes appropriated; and the attestation services on the financial statements and accounts of commercial entities. It is essential that the OAG meets the needs of these stakeholders and respond appropriately and efficiently to their concerns.

(ii) Products and Services
The OAG will explore and develop the quality of its products and services to satisfy the needs of stakeholders. The improvement of these products and services will involve the review and enhancement of policies and procedures, and the periodic assessment of audit systems of the OAG in line with the requirements of the profession.

(iii) Markets
Apart from Cabinet, the government entities and the public at large, the OAG products or Audit Reports cannot be specified for any other group of customers. These reports are available on the internet following deliberations by Cabinet and the Public Accounts Committee.

(iv) Technology
In keeping abreast with technological innovation, the OAG audit services will be continuously upgraded to provide quality outputs to its customers. Our IT Unit provides IT Audit services with the use of computer assisted audit techniques (CAATs); and the networking of computers and use of auditing software will bring about efficiency in the operation and management of audits.

(v) Concern for growth and sustainability
The OAG will scrutinise growth and sustainability programmes to ensure that custodians of these programmes are transparent and held accountable for their actions/inactions.

(vi) Philosophy
The OAG will continue in its quest for a complete independent office within government. The restriction in the independent appointment of its officers and appropriation of its budget persist and affect the performance of the OAG.

Proposals will be drawn up to strengthen the operation of audit services and the accountability framework.

(vii) Self-concept
The OAG provides audit services that serve the purposes of 3 different stakeholders with diverse objectives: the Cabinet, government entities and the public at large. This is possible through the employment of graduate officers, the use of generally accepted and internationally renowned audit methodologies and improved management and operations of the office.

(viii) Concern for public image
The OAG constantly reviews its products and services to meet clients’ needs and this is possible through periodic surveys and feedback from Cabinet and other stakeholders including the Public Accounts Committee.

(ix) Concern for employees
The employees of the OAG are well looked after and there are numerous opportunities for advancement in the ranks and professional development for the diverse areas of work that the office is involved in. Career development is foremost for dedicated workers.