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Teammate Audit Management Software

On September 2013, OAG purchased a new audit management software, TeamMate from Wolters Kluwer Australia.
The software comprises of seven modules as listed below:

  • TeamRisk – carrying out risk assessment;
  • TeamSchedule - scheduling and planning of audits;
  • TeamCentral - monitoring audits at management level;
  • TeamAdmin - administrator role;
  • TeamStores - storing organizational guidance and best practice guides in form of programs and related tests,
  • TeamEWP – recording the work done electronically (electronic working papers) and
  • TeamTec – time and cost recording module.

The first phase for the implementation of software has commenced using TeamEWP, TeamAdmin and TeamStores. These are the core modules of the software for preparing electronic work pa-pers.
In mid-December 2013, the soft-ware was installed in all OAG desktops and laptops.
Consultants, Mr. Vance Hetariki and Ms. Sherala Seagaran visited the OAG to setup the software and conduct training to staffs on the use of Electronic Working Papers (EWP), TeamAdmin and TeamStores modules. The training conducted were twofold compromising of the following:

  • Training of champions (Audit Managers, Directors and IT Senior Auditors) and
  • Training of the End-User training (Senior Auditors and Auditors).

Pilot Audits on TeamMate

The OAG began with ten (10) pilot audits on the 20th of January 2014, involving a total of 45 staffs. Three different forums were organized for staffs to discuss the use of EWPs as the pilot audit progresses. The three forums included:

I. Project Owners Group comprising of Audit Managers;
II. End Users which include preparers of EWP consisting Auditors and Senior Auditors; and
III. Champions per audit type to standardize work procedures consisting of Auditors /Senior Auditors and Audit Managers.

The pilot phase allowed users to self learn and peer instruct colleagues on how efficiently and effectively the software could be utilized.

Way Ahead

The OAG plans to commence its new audit year for 2015 utilizing the electronic working papers provided by TeamMate. Currently, the Policy/IT unit is working on the following to facilitate the plan:

1. Standardized template per audit type on TeamMate for Financial Statement Audit, Regularity Audit, Performance Audit, Information Technology Audit and for the Quality Assurance Reviews;
2. Resolving the issues that were identified during the pilot audits;
3. Preparing Quick Reference Guides for Users at various roles;
4. Organizing and preparing refresher trainings; and
6. Facilitating implementation of other modules of TeamMate.

The project team for TeamMate consists of the Deputy Auditor General, Audit Manager ( IT/Policy Unit), Senior Auditor (IT/Policy Unit) and the Senior IT Programmer.
The software is envisaged to reduce audit time and costs gradually as we grow with the use of the software.