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Agency Financial Statement Audit Completed

Part 12 Division 2, Section 69 of the Finance Instruction 2010 requires that each budget sector agency must prepare an annual report for sub-mission to its Minister by May in the following year.
Part 12 Division 2 Section 70(2) requires that each annual report must include financial statements which are prepared and signed in accordance with the Instructions, audited by the Auditor General and accompanied by the opinion provided by the Auditor General.
For the various agencies’ financial statement to be audited by the Auditor General Part 12, Division 2 Section 70(3) of the Finance Instructions 2010 requires that draft financial statements of these agencies must be submitted to the Auditor Gen-eral by the 31st of March in the following year or within such other time as agreed by the Permanent Secretary with the Auditor General.

The OAG commenced the audit of the various agencies financial statements in early February this year following receipt of draft accounts from the agencies.

Table 1 summarises the submission of the draft financial statements by agencies and certification of the accounts by the OAG for the audit of the 2013 agency fi-nancial statements. The following analysis can be made from the table:

  • Twenty eight out of the total thirty six budget sector agencies, submitted their draft financial statements within the required timeline.
  • Only Ministry of Sugar have yet to have its account certified by the Auditor General.
  • The OAG managed to certify thirty of the thirty six accounts by the end of May. Of the six remaining accounts five were certified in June and one is yet to be returned to the OAG for certification.