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The Office of the Auditor-General of Fiji (OAG) assists the Auditor-General deliver against the mandate of the Constitution of the Republic of Fiji and the Audit Act 1969. The work of OAG is also governed by auditing standards issued by the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions and the Fiji Institute of Accountants, which are in compliance with the standards issued by the IAASB.

Recent Updates

Latest Reports

Performance Audit on Coordination of Actions on Elimination of Violence against Women

This performance audit was carried out to assess whether the implementation of the Women’s Plan of Action (WPA) in particular its’ thematic area on Elimination of Violence against Women is effective in realizing the commitment made by Ministry of Women, Children & Poverty Alleviation and stakeholders to the existing legal and policy framework that impact the issues of violence against Women.

Audit Report on Municipal Councils 2014-2017

This report contain summaries and my analysis of the audit findings, the quality and timeliness of financial reporting by Municipal Councils, the audit opinions issued on the financial statements and the key reasons for such opinions, internal control assessments, other significant issues identified from the audits and high level recommendations aimed to strengthen financial reporting, governance and internal controls.

2016-2017 Financial Statements of Government & 2016-2017 Agency Financial Statement of Ministry of Economy

Each year, we audit the financial statements of State-agencies to provide assurance to their reliability. In addition, we also audit the accounts of the Consolidated Fund, Financial Statements of Government and annual appropriation statement.


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